Branding and Logo Design

Just like a handshake, your brand instantly communicates information about your company. Is it saying what you want?

Morehead Marketing can help make sure your branding is on target. Is the name strong? Do you have a recognizable, custom logo design? Does it work for all communication venues from promotion to product packaging? Do colors, fonts, and graphics portray the right image? Do tag lines and slogan support the brand? Is your trademark legally protected?

Morehead Marketing has created over 300 logos which included creating new brand names, designing logos, registering trademarks, defining and implementing corporate identity standards, or refreshing corporate identities for a diverse range of clients from sole proprietors to international corporations. Morehead branding helps companies gain a stronger presence in their marketplace. Don't go out in the business world with a weak handshake. We can help make sure your brand is the right one.

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